Once you are in your account and ready to upload your first artwork, you will need to go to the artworks section. You can find it on the Dashboard at, either by clicking on the section Artworks, of the menu or by selecting the first option on the left in the product section. 

Once inside the Artworks section, click or tap on + Upload Artworks on your left-hand corner.


Click or tap on the button and a menu will open up with the following options: 

For multiple Artworks, you will be redirected to a page where you can browse the files or drop them directly. You will have to manually click or tap on each artwork, to fill in the information for each case. Otherwise, the artwork size will be set to a default 30 x 40 cm.  Once you completed the information for all artworks, hit Upload Artworks, and it will appear on your dashboard.

To upload with a CSV file, you will need to browse or from the file once redirected to the form. Then you will have to match the information provided and submit in the last step.