Button Style

 If you'd like to change the colors, text, and/or general look of your widget buttons, you can do so when building the widget with the widget generator, by clicking the custom option. 

You can style the widget buttons to make them stand out or embed them to match the style of your website. You will find the options of Default, Custom or Thumbnail.


ArtPlacer provides default texts for each of the buttons. These texts can be edited using the Widget Generator.

Default Style

This option will show the Background and the Border color in ArtPlacer Red and the text in white. The button's font will match your website's. (See example below)


You can choose the background, text and border color of the widget buttons. 

To choose a color simply enter the HEX color or select it using the color picker. You can also customize the widget buttons through the use of CSS Classes.

Examples of personalized buttons:


In addition to text, you can use images for your widget buttons. Use the chosen room image automatically or upload your own.

To change other styling options like position or margins, you or your developer must access the CSS of your site and change it from there.