If you have the widget embedded on your site and the size is not being shown properly check:

You're respecting the chosen system of measurement (cm / in)

To verify which system of measurement you are on, you would need to go to your Account settings. Yo do so by clicking or tapping on Admin button on the right-hand side. And selecting Settings.

On the settings page, verify your selected option whether is in centimetres or in inches

You're respecting the chosen size style (HxW / WxH).

In the same settings page, verify your measurement display. Choosing Height x Width or Width x Height will change how the system reads the measurements you have entered. Make sure that you are entering the size and setting the corresponding option in your measurements display.

 If you're working on a platform, check the sizes have been input as an element, not a text (for common platforms visit our widget documentation).

If you have more than one size and you need the widget to detect them all, visit our solution article about it.

Please know that the widget will work primarily pulling the height value and will automatically calculate the width as per the aspect ratio of the image uploaded.