Discover ArtPlacer is a feature we offer in ArtPlacer, for you to showcase your art and share your profile. It's applicable to all plans and it enables you to:

-Reach bigger audiences.

-Design a top-notch Profile to share with clients and colleagues. 

-Get inquiries from visitors. 

-Allow collectors to see art in context with the ArtPlacer Widget buttons, whether in a curated space or their own homes, providing a personalized experience and handling the main sales objections when buying art online

Creating your profile in simple steps

1)   To create your Discover profile, you will have to first go to the Discover section on the menu

2) If you don't have a profile, you will find a form that will appear for you to fill in. You will need a minimum of 4 artworks to showcase your art

3) Once you complete your profile info, and selected your featured artworks, your profile is ready! You can have features artworks in your profile and customize it at your preference. 

To do so you will have to go to > Customizing my Discover ArtPlacer Profile

The final result looks like the example image below. Where you can see the artworks, click on them for more information and potentially buying them, and use the widget below to see the artwork in a setting or upload your own photo to try it out in your home.

You can also share your featured virtual exhibitions and have visitors explore it. 

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