Room Mockups

Although we do like to think of ourselves as helpers to the art community, we’re not a gallery ourselves. 

ArtPlacer is an easy-to-use marketing app to impress collectors and close more sales. 

It has time-saving features like Room Mockups to create exquisite designs and build a strong social media presence, a Virtual Exhibitions creator, to engage art lovers in an interactive experience and a Personal Spaces feature to upload a client’s room and create a precise layout in no time. This way, you can help them visualize how your art would look in their actual home, and start landing more online sales, right away.  


You can also integrate ArtPlacer with all main platforms like Shopify, Squarespace or WordPress. Help visitors make good purchasing decisions right from within your site. 


No matter your area of expertise within the art world, ArtPlacer has the right set of tools to boost your online presence and make your business grow. Why not sign up for the free trial right now? Put ArtPlacer to the test for the next 7 days!