Virtual Exhibitions enables you to easily curate amazing 3D online art shows,

allowing visitors to navigate the space and interact with your art in real time.

NOTE: Your work must have been previously uploaded to the Artworks' section prior to engage in the curate process.

If you haven't done that yet, we recommend having a look at this article before moving forward.

  1. Log into your ArtPlacer account Dashboard and head up to Virtual Exhibitions > My Virtual Exhibitions

  2. Click NEW to start curating your Exhibition

You could also begin this process by selecting a Virtual Gallery upfront.

Step 1: Details

Type in the Exhibition details such as title, author, opening date, and don't forget to include a brief description of it. 

You could also upload a brochure in PDF format.

Visitors get to download it once the Exhibition had been published.

Step 2: Select a Venue

Select the Virtual Venue (or Gallery) on you which you want the Exhibition to take place (the options available may vary according to the active subscription plan).

You may also upload a thumbnail image for your Virtual Exhibition.


Selecting the Artworks:

Click on the red 'SELECT ARTWORKS' button to select and import the pieces you want to showcase on the new Exhibition from your Artworks' section, then hit 'Apply' (bottom right corner).

The 'WALLS' slots (square with numbers) are thought for 2D (plain Artworks, prints, photographs, etc.).

And, the all new 'PEDESTALS' (cubes with letters) tab was introduced to showcase 3D-like Art pieces (like ceramic vases, sculptures, etc.):

NOTE: If you are looking to showcase 3D-like Art and/or sculptures we strongly recommend having a look at this article. 

Our platform will automatically place the selected Artworks on the nearest available slot and/or pedestal. 

NOTE: While on the 'Curate Virtual Exhibition' view, the Artworks' resolution will be reduced to a 50%.

This was thought like that to guarantee smooth transitions and make the curating process faster. The Artworks' resolution will be restored to 100% after the Virtual Exhibition is saved under your Published and/or Unpublished section.

2D Artworks' order and position:

You can change the Artwork order and send an Artwork to a complete different wall by clicking and dragging them up or down from this iconwithin the Artworks list (right side of your screen):

If you want to perform precise position adjustments within the same wall, like moving one Artwork closer to each other, click on this icon  besides the Artwork you wish to adjust. The platform will auto travel towards it.

The FRAME and POSITION options should also automatically slide in from the right side of your screen:

Move the POSITION sliders to perform the desired adjustments.

NOTE: To learn how to adjust 3D-Like Art pieces and/or sculptures position. Please, read this article.

2D Artworks' FRAMES:

Click on the 'CHOOSE A FRAME' button and select the frame you want to apply.

Customize the Venue:

You can customize how the Gallery looks by changing its floor material, wall, and ceiling colors.

Just click on the 'CUSTOMIZE' button (bottom center of your screen) and these options should come alive:

Saving the Exhibition and its changes:

To save your Exhibition by first time, or apply any changes you may have made, click on the red 'Save the Exhibition' button (bottom right corner).

This will send the Exhibition to the Unpublished Virtual Exhibitions' section, where you get to preview it before making it public.