1. Log into your ArtPlacer Dashboard. On the Virtual Exhibitions tab, head over to My Virtual Exhibitions

  2. Click NEW to start curating your first Virtual Exhibition (on the top left-hand corner). You can also begin this journey by Selecting a Virtual Gallery.

Step 1- Details

  1. Enter the Virtual Exhibition Details such as title, exhibitor, date, and a short description for the “opening wall”. You may also attach additional information about your Virtual Exhibition in the form of a PDF brochure. Save and move next.

Step 2 - Venue

    1. Upload a thumbnail for your Virtual Exhibition. This thumbnail will help you organize your VEs within your ArtPlacer dashboard, but will not be visible to those visiting your Virtual Exhibition.


    2. Choose the Venue. You may select from one of the available Virtual Galleries, which are the ones included in the Premium Subscription plus the ones you have rented on the Virtual Galleries sectionSave and move next.

Step 3 - Curate


  1. Use Bulk Selection to import multiple artworks  by using the Select Artwork button or select the Add Artwork button on each position (+) to select one by one. 

-Your artworks will be automatically positioned in the Virtual Exhibition Preview in the background. You can navigate the Preview at any time. 

-To see how your artwork looks like on a certain position, navigate to it with the person icon. To change that given artwork for another one, click on the pencil and to remove the artwork from your exhibition, click on the bin.

  1. Use the drag icon on the left of each artwork to change the order of the artworks.

Frames and positioning

You can add frames to your artworks as well and change the position with the OFFSET tool. 

1.To frame your artwork, click on its thumbnail or navigate to it using the person icon 

2. Click or tap on the "choose a frame" button and a pop-up window should appear.


3.Select the frame you want. If you want to edit click on the pencil icon beside your frame.


  1. Once you’ve decided on your artworks, you may customize your Virtual Gallery and change its floor texture, and wall & ceiling colors. 

  1. Save exhibition. You will find it on the Unpublished section of My Virtual Exhibitions.

  2. To share your VE, publish it and share or embed the provided code. 

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