1. Import your CSV File

In the Artworks Section, go to Upload Artworks and then scroll down, and click on Import CSV File

CSV format

Make sure the first row contains column headers.

Your file must also include a column with public image URL links to your artwork images. Artworks without a valid Image URL will not be imported through this method.

Upload your file by clicking on the Browse button and click Next.

2. Match data to columns

We will automatically match your data to ArtPlacer’s artwork parameters. If you notice that information is wrong or missing, please edit the field(s) by clicking on the pencil icon. 

3. Review and Submit

Review the information and finalize the import. 

We’ll send you an email once your artworks are imported to the catalog and will let you know which ones contained errors and won't be imported.

Important! Currently the field price cannot be edited. We suggest leaving the field blank if you will want to edit it after import.


Some artworks may fail to be created due to the following reasons:

Error to read the URL

ArtPlacer tried to read the image and couldn't find it at the specified URL. 

Please verify that the URL links to the desired artwork image and that its access is not restricted (you should view it without the need for login or credentials).

Invalid format

  • The image found at the specified URL didn't have a valid format. Valid image formats are: JPG/JPEG, and PNG
  • The cells had a format other than text (e.g. €). Make sure all cells have text format only.

File size too large

ArtPlacer's maximum artwork size is 16 MB per image.

Attached you will find a spreadsheet template to download.