How To Upload Artworks


Once you are in your account and ready to upload your first artwork, you will need to go to the artworks section. You can find it on the Dashboard at, either by clicking or tapping on the section Artworks, of the menu or by selecting the first option on the top menu.

Once inside Artworks, click or tap on + Upload Artworks 


A menu will open up with the following options: 

If you are looking to Upload a Single Artwork you should select the first option. 

If you'd rather Upload Multiple Artworks at once, select the second option 

To import your artworks from a CSV file choose Import Artworks.

For the single Artwork, you will be redirected to a form where you will upload the artwork (as a PNG or JPG), and fill in the information of the piece. The artwork size limit is 16 MB. Once you complete the form, hit Upload Artwork, and your piece will now show up on your catalog.

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For multiple Artworks, you will be redirected to a page where you can browse the files or drag and drop them. To do a quick edit, hover over each artwork and fill in the basic information.

 If you decide not to edit them at this stage, the artwork size will default to 30 inches high.  

Once you've filled in the information for every artwork, hit Upload Artworks, and your pieces will now show up on your catalog. 

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Uploading artworks from a CSV file

To go along with this option, you’ll need a CSV file already downloaded from your art inventory management tool or e-commerce. It is important that your file includes a column with public image URL links to your artworks' images. (Artworks without a valid Image URL cannot be imported through this method.)

Upload your CSV file. Hit next.

We will automatically match your data to ArtPlacer’s artwork parameters. If you notice that the information is wrong or missing, please edit the field by clicking on the pencil icon. 

Review the information and finalize the import. We’ll send you an email once all of your artworks are imported to the catalog.

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How To Manage Artworks

You’ll find all of your pieces in the Artworks section. 

Use the Search bar at the top-right to browse artworks by title. Use the filters Size, Shape, Orientation, Technique, Dimensions and Colors, situated on the left pane to easily find your works of art. 

Sort your artworks by Date Created, Artwork Title or Artist Name. 

If you wish to change any information, you can edit your pieces with the pencil icon.