We offer a wide selection of rooms with very different styles. Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, workplaces, hotel lobbies, restaurants, etc., in minimalistic, beach houses, antique, industrial, classic, contemporary and rustic styles.

Our Library Spaces help you create mockups for your art at a real scale. They can be used for several things: social media, your website, product images and more. You will find that the Library Spaces also contain some labeled as Smart Spaces. To learn more about Smart Spaces, check out this article.

To access our Library Spaces, go to the Spaces section on your dashboard menu and select Library Spaces.

Walls are already set up for your artworks to be represented at real scale and with perspective. Just drag and drop your artworks into the space. You can select a frame and adjust lighting and shadows to match the environment.

Crop, Download, Share via email, or Save your final Setup. You will find these options in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Check out our Instagram for inspiration! 

Learn more about Library Spaces