With ArtPlacer Room Mockups you can create spaces for showcasing your art at a real scale.

What is a Room Mockup?

With ArtPlacer Room Mockups you can place your artwork and create your spaces to show your art to your future customers.

To access our Room Mockups, go to the Spaces section on your dashboard menu and select Room Mockups.

What is a Smart Space?

ArtPlacer Smart Spaces are mockup rooms in which artworks can be placed behind objects and furniture such as plants or lamps. These Spaces introduce layer technology that positions the art pieces beneath gradual light to seamlessly blend the artwork with the room. You can additionally choose the perfect wall color to match your art piece and make more attractive showcases.


We offer a wide selection of rooms with very different styles. Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, workplaces, hotel lobbies, restaurants, etc., in minimalistic, beach houses, antique, industrial, classic, contemporary and rustic styles.

What is the difference between a Room Mockups and a Smart Space?

Both spaces offer you a way to place your artwork in mockup rooms so your visitors can see how they look in real spaces.

The difference is that in a Smart Space, you can place your art pieces behind objects and you can change the wall colors.

How can I place my artwork in my Room Mockups?

Walls are already set up for your artworks to be represented at real scale and with perspective. Just drag and drop your artworks into the space. You can select a frame and adjust lighting and shadows to match the environment.

How can I align my artwork in a Room Mockups?

  1. Click to select the artwork you want to move. 
  2. On the toolbar below, click or tap Position.
  3. To change alignment, click or tap on any of the available options.

Align and distribute artworks amongst themselves

  1. Hold Shift on your keyboard, and click on multiple artworks to select them. On mobile devices, tap & hold an artwork to enable multiple selection. 
  2. On the toolbar below, click or tap Position.
  3. To change alignment, click or tap on any of the available options.
    4.To space artworks evenly across the wall, make sure to have at least 3 artworks selected, and click or tap on any of the available options.

How can I edit brightness and shadow in a Room Mockups?

After you've placed your artwork(s) on a wall, click on the lighting icon at the bottom menu to adjust shadows, brightness and contrast.

Here are some tips on how to match the right lighting:

1) Take a look at the space you have chosen to place your artwork in and see where the light is coming from. If there's a window, a lamp or any other source of light, make sure to match the direction of the light. This will help you match the illusion of the painting really being inside the space.

2) Try and match the brightness with that of the space. Remember, if the artwork were to be in that space, it would be receiving the same amount of light as any other object in the room. And for the colors not to be distorted, matching the brightness and contrast will help create a more realistic placing.

How can I frame my artwork in a Room Mockups?

Once you have already dragged and dropped your artwork on your wall, you can select a frame from the Frame option in the menu shown at the bottom.

A Frame catalog will be displayed so you can choose your best option.

 You will see the pencil icon. You can click on it to see the Frame Builder menu settings.

In the Frame Builder tool, you will find customization options such as Frame width, Material, Texture, etc. in order to create the perfect frame for your art piece. 

You can hit Save and keep the changes for this specific frame or create a new Frame by hitting Save As.

How can I pick wall colors in a Room Mockups?

This option is only available in Smart Spaces. Make sure the Space you selected has the Smart tag.

Once you have your artwork placed on your wall. You will see the customization menu available at the bottom of your screen. Please, hit the Customize option to see the Color Wall menu. It will be shown on your right, just as follows:

By hitting on the Wall Color panel on your right you can pick any color of your preference. The wall color will be automatically changed as you hit the palette.  

How can I crop my Room Mockups image?

Crop, Download, Share, or Save your final Setup. You will find these options in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

How can I save a Room Mockups for future use?

Once you've created your Setup, click or tap on Save New Setup in the bottom right-hand corner. Enter a name for your setup and save it. You will find your saved setup in the Saved Setups section.

How can I download my Room Mockups?


How can I share my Room Mockups?

Saved Setups can be shared with anyone by simply clicking on the Share button and choosing the desired platform or method. 

Another option is to Download them and share them as an image or upload them to your website or social media.

You can share your Saved Setup with as many people as you want!

Feel free to tag @artplacer.app or use the hashtag #ArtPlacer

What uses do Room Mockups have for artists?

Many artists use ArtPlacer Room Mockups to show their art in real space. They create their mock-ups and share them on social media, their websites, product images, and more.