Thumbnail options

Your exhibition thumbnail is the small preview image. This thumbnail will be used on your Discover profile if you decide to set your exhibition as a feature exhibit, and will also be displayed when loading and before entering the exhibition.

If the gallery is empty (has no artworks in it), the thumbnail displays as an empty gallery. 

Once it is curated, if no artwork is previously selected as thumbnail, the system randomly selects an artwork from the exhibit every time it generates an thumbnail. 

You can select the thumbnail by uploading the jpeg you want to use. This can be done by going to your Virtual Exhibitions, selecting the exhibition and pressing "edit". Once on the settings, head to the second section, "Venue." 

At the top left, you will find there's an empty gallery image with a button that says "Replace Image". Click or tap the button and upload your own thumbnail image for the exhibition. 

Bear in mind the loader will only display JPEG images, otherwise you might see a "broken image" icon on display.