1. Curate and Save your Virtual Exhibition. You can learn how, here.

2. Head up to Virtual Exhibitions > My Virtual Exhibitions > Unpublished

3. Publish the Exhibition you wish to share by clicking on the 'Publish' button besides to it:

4. Head up to Virtual Exhibitions > My Virtual Exhibitions > Published

5. Click on the 'Share' button besides to it and copy the generated URL:

6. Paste the obtained URL on an e-mail, SMS, Social Media posts or on your website!

IMPORTANT: If the Virtual Exhibition Share URL is shared on your Facebook and/or Instagram Bio or, via a status post, we strongly recommend advising visitors who may be using a mobile device to copy the Share URL. Then, to paste it and open the Exhibition on their favorite Browser app (such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.).

ArtPlacer does not recommend opening the Virtual Exhibition within a Facebook/Instagram mobile apps' integrated browser as it may prevent essential resources from loading fully, directly affecting the Exhibition's performance.

To learn how to embed a Virtual Exhibition on your website's body (website integration), visit here.