Once you've created your widget, on your final code you will see the space attribute and the id of the current space you chose. This has to be replaced with the id of the new space, which you will find on the search bar URL when clicking on said space.

Step by step guide: 

1. Once you have created your widget code for a Sample Room Widget, take a look at the code. 

In the code you will see through the different sections, a part referred to the space specifically and it reads something like this for example:

Space = "19"

The number in between "" refers to the number you find in the URL of the selected space.

See in the example below, the number of the space is 43185

2. If you want to select and specific space, open a new tab and go to Library Spaces, select the space and copy the number that appears in the URL after



3. Go back to your code in the widget generator and replace the space number with the space number you have copied.

 All set!