Integration Types

It’s important you choose the proper integration type to embed the widget on your website. These types describe the processes used to access and display artworks with the ArtPlacer Widget. Artworks can be accessed directly from the ArtPlacer database, or they can be accessed dynamically from wherever you specify.

Dynamic Integration

This type is useful for those who haven't uploaded their artworks to ArtPlacer, but have an E-commerce product page or single artwork pages on their site

The Artwork information is pulled straight from your siteThis integration type works by allowing the widget to specify an artwork image URL at runtime. You can specify a URL dynamically from your website (requires minor programming skills) or you can specify a fixed URL. You will learn more about this in our Code section. This requires your site to have a product page where the widget can take the information from.

Bear in mind that if you want to have the options of other artworks enabled on the side, you will have to upload said artworks to ArtPlacer.

Static Integration

For this type, you will need to have uploaded your artworks to ArtPlacer. Recommended for small catalogues or collections.

If you have selected the Static Integration for Single Artwork, Selected collection or Not Specified, bear in mind that it allows you to select one of your artworks previously uploaded to the Artworks section of your ArtPlacer Dashboard. A piece of code is generated for each of the artworks to work with the widget. You will need to ensure the artworks are uploaded to ArtPlacer previously.

Single Artwork

The widget will be showcasing a specific artwork from your Artworks Section in ArtPlacer.

Selected collection

The widget will be showcasing a specific selected collection from your Artworks Section in ArtPlacer.

Not Specified

This Integration Type is best to display your whole catalogue or a collection (or group of collections). Your artworks must be uploaded to ArtPlacer first.