Widget Technologies


Recommended for those with coding knowledge

JavaScript code is a programming language that enables websites to execute different tasks. The majority of third party widgets and tracking codes are written in JavaScript, so most platforms allow JS scripts to be included in their websites.

The widget gets added to your selected pages via adding a JavaScript Code snippet (created in the Widget Generator).

This is the most versatile method that will work on most scenarios as it gives the developer full control as to how, where and when to place and initialize the widget


Recommended for those with no previous coding knowledge

The HTML code is the universal type of coding language that web pages rely on to render themselves. The ArtPlacer Widget can be generated as HTML code.

If you have a small knowledge of HTML and your platform allows you to edit the HTML code of your website, this is a great option. However, keep in mind that there may be additional things to consider when planning a Dynamic Integration.

The widget gets added to your selected pages via adding an HTML tag snippet (created in the Widget Generator) into your page’s HTML.

This method although simpler may not be compatible with your website or theme.