What is the best way to upload a triptych?

A triptych is an artwork that is composed of three canvases, that should be installed together when the artwork is being displayed. If you have a triptych artwork, we suggest you generate a PNG image of the triptych that has a transparent background.

There are two ways to upload a triptych: All together placed in one image, or as three different artworks that are later placed together. 

We recommend uploading the triptych as one single image.

To do this, you will have to upload an image of the triptych with no borders and a transparent background. 

There are three things to bear in mind:

1) Try to create an image that has no borders. This will make it easier when you upload the image to your artworks section. You will have to enter the size of the artwork, and that will be how the ArtPlacer interprets the artwork size setting in the Library Spaces. 

2) Make sure there's no background left in between the canvases.  The importance of having the background be transparent, is what will make the effect of the triptych be realistic. Otherwise, the color of your background may not match the wall's background and there will be a line in between  the canvases that can ruin the effect. 

3) Place it exactly how you want to see it arranged on the wall/set up.  If you are uploading the three canvases as one image, make sure the canvases are positioned as you want them to be displayed and relative to each other. If you uploaded as one single image, you won't be able to edit the size or position later, so make sure you are placing them exactly how you want it to be seen in the final result. 

Upload to your artworks section, and you are all set!

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