You can edit language for your Virtual Exhibition, when setting up the exhibition. 

Please note: The language will be changed for the visitor view, not within your ArtPlacer Account.

Visitors will also be able to change the language once inside an Exhibition.

You can set the default language for your virtual exhibition when creating it, in the details section. You will find a section for languages, and a drop menu with the options.

Virtual Exhibitions are currently available in English, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish.

If you need a language that is not on this list, let us know.

Changing the language while viewing an exhibit

Visitors of an exhibition can also conveniently change the language by looking for the menu button on the top right-hand corner of the viewing screen. 

Once they click on the menu, they can choose between the available language options.

They will see the changes applied to the buttons on the exhibition and the sections on the information label. 

See the example below: