Room Mockups

What are Smart Spaces?


ArtPlacer Smart Spaces are mockup rooms in which artworks can be placed behind objects and furniture such as plants or lamps. These Spaces introduce layer technology that positions the art pieces beneath gradual light to seamlessly blend the artwork with the room. You can additionally choose the perfect wall color to match your art piece, and make more attractive showcases.


We offer a wide selection of rooms with very different styles. Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, workplaces, hotel lobbies, restaurants, etc., in minimalistic, beach houses, antique, industrial, classic, contemporary and rustic styles. 


Where can I find them?

To access Smart Spaces, go to the Spaces section on your dashboard menu and select Room Mockups. After that, you can filter amongst Smart Spaces using the dropdown menu on the left pane.

Filters can be combined and will help you find specific spaces.

 Smart Spaces are labeled with a green tag on top of the space image in the Room Mockups´s section.

Once you have selected a room of your liking, just drag and drop your artworks into the space. They will be automatically represented at real scale and placed behind furniture and decorative objects.


You can select any color for the walls. Click or tap on “Customize” at the bottom bar, a panel will appear on the right-hand side. You can select a color from a color picker or enter a specific HEX, RGB or HSL color code. 


If you are using ArtPlacer in Desktop on Chrome, Edge, or Opera, you can also sample a specific hue of the room or of your artwork using the eyedropper.



Crop, Download, Share via email, or Save your final Setup. 

You will find these options in the bottom right corner of your screen.