Personal Spaces are spaces that you upload, to virtually place your art in them. You can upload a photo of your home, your clients’ home or any room of your liking.



This guide will help you create a mockup of your artwork in your collector’s home or personal space you would like to use. 

1) First you will need to have a photo of the space you want to use. Make sure it has good definition, good lighting and that there is a clear view of the wall space where the art will be placed. You will then go to the Personal Spaces option in the Spaces section of the menu.

2) Click or tap the option of upload New Space button and you will be redirected to a form. Upload the image of your collector’s (or your own) room. Enter a title, select if you want it to be private or public, leave the Custom room option. Save and move next. Select Save and setup walls button on the bottom right-hand corner and continue.

 3) You will then need to define the areas of the wall or walls and enter their real height. You define the space of the wall by clicking or tapping on the wall. A square will appear, for you to stretch the corners to make it so that the white square covers the area of the wall. You will then need to select the height of the wall, and the width will be calculated automatically.

4) Once it's all set up, you can start placing your artwork, adding frames, adjusting the lights and shadows and editing your mock-up. When you are done editing on the left-hand corner you will find that clicking on the three dots, you can email it to someone, save it, or download it to your device.

And for further editing or correcting on the walls if you feel like it's off, click on set up walls to redetermine the space and height of the walls. 

Personal Spaces are designed so that collectors and artists can view artworks in their real size and in an easy way, in their home and personal spaces. ArtPlacer gives the viewer the possibility of uploading an image of their own, and then adapts the perspective of the artwork, and designs a mock-up to know how your artwork would look like in their space.