You can choose or edit an artwork’s privacy from public to private by going to the Artworks tab, clicking on the desired artwork and changing its privacy as desired.

You can also hide/show your gallery on our Discover Site and on ArtPlacer Mobile. To learn more about it, please read this solution article.

IMPORTANT! If you keep a given artwork private and create a widget using that artwork, the widget will display it on the wall, but won't display it on the artworks' slider.



1) Head to the Artworks section from your Dashboard.

2) Once in the artworks section, hover over the artwork you want to edit and look for the pencil icon. This pencil icon will take you to the edit section of that particular artwork. 

3) In the art form, you will be able to edit. Head to the Privacy section of the form, select  public or private. 

4) Hit the Save artwork button on the bottom right hand side. You can repeat this steps as many times as you need to.

You are all set !