By using Widgets you can easily integrate ArtPlacer functionalities into your website. 

The ArtPlacer Widgets are basically a "Try Before you Buy" functionality that can convert a lead into a customer.

Our Widgets type

The Client Room Widget provides visitors with accurate previews of how artworks would come together in their spaces. There’s no need to aid customers in any way. They just upload their room photo, easily set up the walls and the preview is created. 

The default button looks like the above example, and 

can be placed in your product section for each product.

You can customize it with the widget generator when 

choosing the different options.

The Sample Room Widget enables visitors to visualize artworks at scale on exquisite mockup rooms. You can choose from our 1600+ Room Mockups. And when clicking on the View In a Room button, they will be visualizing your artwork in your selected room.

The default button looks like the above example, 

like the Customer Room option. Can be as well, placed 

in your product section for each product. You can

 customize it with the widget generator when deciding

 the different options.

The Augmented Reality Widget is accessed when visiting a website on mobile devices. Collectors can superimpose artworks on surrounding walls, in real time, using AR technology. This feature is functional in iOS and Android devices and connects with the free ArtPlacer Mobile App.

When your clients are viewing your site through a desktop, they can click on the View in AR and this banner will appear. BY scanning the QR code, they can access your specific artwork's replica and through ArtPlacer App view in real time and space wherever they are. 

Visit Gallery Wol75 to view the widgets in action.