Yes! When you become part of the ArtPlacer community, you receive your own Discover ArtPlacer gallery site. This will allow you to be discovered by collectors and have your own spot amongst other artists, galleries and auction houses.


Your Discover profile is only visible after you've chosen a minimum of 4 featured artworks. Your profile will show the artworks you've featured and will allow viewers to see your artworks' information, and try your artworks in one of our Room Mockups or in a personal space of their own. You can also feature one of your Virtual Exhibitions and select a Sample Room to have viewers try out your artworks in real scale.

To activate your profile, fill out the form that you will find on the Discover section. Once you've input your details and enabled your Discover profile, hit save at the bottom.

And that's all! You can head over to View Discover profile at the bottom and share your link with colleagues and collectors!