We currently offer 10 Virtual Galleries to create your Virtual Exhibitions in. All of our plans include the possibility of creating virtual exhibitions. Depending on the plan you subscribe to, you'll have more or less Virtual Galleries available to choose from. In case you want to recreate your physical gallery, contact us.

Virtual Galleries by plan


Salvador, Diane 


Salvador, Diane, Georgia, Camille


Salvador, Diane, Leonardo, Vincent, Frida, Hokusai, Georgia, Jean Michel, Camille, Keith  

These are some examples of the interiors of venues like Leonardo, Salvador, Diane and Camille:

Leonardo Virtual Exhibit

Museum or Mega gallery type of feel, with a bigger space and several rooms to explore.

Available in Premium and Advanced plans

Salvador Virtual Exhibit

For an Art Fair experience, just like an artist booth. 

Available in all plans

Diane Virtual Exhibit

Recommended for smaller bodies of artwork.

Available in all plans

You can create your exhibition, add a brochure if you'd like, add a title, exhibitor, and date for the “opening wall”. You can also include a description that should pop up after clicking on the opening wall, and on the About the Exhibition section. Add artworks by bulk selection or one by one, and start curating. Customize the floor, walls and ceilings, reorder artworks, their position on the walls and add frames. And once it's ready, you simply share or embed your VE on your site!