By using Widgets you can easily integrate ArtPlacer functionalities into your website. 

All main platforms are supported: WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Pixpa, SITE 123, Prestashop, BigCommerce and custom websites. If your website is built on Shopify or WordPress you can look for the ArtPlacer Plugin in the platform’s store to execute a seamless integration.

1.The Client Room Widget provides visitors with accurate previews of how artworks would come together in their spaces. There’s no need to aid customers in any way. They just upload their room photo, easily set up the walls and the preview is created. 

2.The Sample Room Widget enables visitors to visualize artworks at scale on exquisite stock rooms. You can choose from our 1000+ Library Spaces.

3.The Augmented Reality Widget is accessed when visiting a website on mobile devices. Collectors can superimpose artworks on surrounding walls, in real time, using AR technology. This feature is functional in iOS and Android devices and connects with the free ArtPlacer Mobile App.

Visit Gallery Wol75 to view the widgets in action.

How to Integrate

Head over to the Widget section and click Create new Widget. A form will appear. 

Select one of the three widget types you’d like to generate: Client Room, Sample room, AR Widget. 

Decide on the Integration Type, Settings, Style of the buttons and type of Code. 

All set! Copy the script code that has been generated and paste it on your site’s code.

To learn more read the Widget Documentation