In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through your first steps using ArtPlacer.

Let's upload some artworks!

You can upload a Single Artwork, Multiple Artworks or Import Artworks with a CSV file

Let’s do a Single Artwork Upload

Upload your image file. You can complete all of the fields now or just input Title and Height which are the only mandatory ones. 

Save your first artwork!


Now, let’s try uploading Multiple Artworks.

Drop or browse images. Input their info, or do it later in the Artworks Section. If you don’t complete Title and Height these will be uploaded with default parameters. These are “Untitled Artwork” and “30 inches” Height.

Save your artworks!


You can find all your artworks in the Artworks section.


Preview your art on Room ockups

Head over to the Room Mockups section and select a room that catches your eye. 


You can use Category filters on the left to narrow your search, or hit the Quick Preview option to view the rooms in full size. Hit Try!


Drag and drop artworks into the space. Select a frame for each artwork (you can create your own frames too). Adjust lighting and shadows to match the environment.


Download, Share via email, or Save your Setup. 

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Hint: This functionally can be integrated in your website. Any visitor can click on the “View in a Room” button and interact with your art piece hung in a room of your choosing.


Create layouts of your art on your collector’s home

Go to the My Spaces section and upload an image of your collector’s (or your own) room. Enter a title. Save and move next. 


Define the areas of the wall or walls and enter its real height. Drag and drop artworks onto the walls. Add frames, make lighting adjustments.


Download, Share via email, or Save your Setup. 

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Hint: This functionally can be integrated in your website. Any visitor can click on the “View in your Room” button to upload an image of their room, set the walls and visualize how the piece would fit on their space. 



Curate a 3D navigable show

Let’s go to My Virtual Exhibitions and hit New.


Enter your Virtual Exhibition details: title, exhibitor, date, and a short description for the “opening wall”. Upload a brochure with additional info if you’d like. Save and move next.


Upload a thumbnail for your Virtual Exhibition (for organizational purposes) and choose a Venue. You may select one of the available Virtual Galleries or Rent a VIP one. 


Now, let’s make the magic happen. Choose Bulk Selection to import multiple artworks and start curating the show. Reorder artworks, adjust their position on the wall and add frames. Customize floors, walls and ceilings.


Share or embed your VE on your site! 

Keep exploring ArtPlacer!

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