The ArtPlacer Widgets can be embedded in any page, but you’ll typically want to embed them on Product Pages or Dedicated Pages.

Product Pages

Product Pages are pages typically found in e-commerce websites that display information of a specific product. They’re normally similar to each other and only the product data varies (i.e. the artwork image, its description, its cost, etc.). For these pages, you’ll prefer to embed through Dynamic Integration.

ArtPlacer Widgets on Product Pages - Courtesy of Elena Dragoi

Dedicated Pages

Dedicated Pages are distinctive pages where you communicate something about your company such as the Home Page, About Us, Contact, etc.

These pages don’t target any particular artwork, rather they pull your entire catalog or a selected collection from your ArtPlacer Dashboard. For these pages you’ll prefer to embed through Static Integration.


ArtPlacer Widgets on Dedicated Pages - Courtesy of Harvey Art Projects

For more information we suggest to read our documentation on widget integration specific to your platform.

We have created a series of guides to help you on your Widget Installation process. Whether you have SquarespaceWixWooCommerce or  WordPress, or other platforms we have created a series of guided steps. 

Inserting Widgets into Shopify 

Inserting Widgets into Squarespace 

Inserting Widgets into Wix 

Inserting Widgets into WordPress (WooCommerce) 

Inserting Widgets into Other Platforms