You can shape, style, and set up the ArtPlacer Widgets in several ways, with different looks and different behaviors. Find the behavior that better fits your needs and the looks that you like most!

Button Style

You can style the widget buttons to make them stand out or embed them to match the style of your website.


ArtPlacer provides default texts for each of the buttons. These texts can be edited using the Widget Generator.

Default Style

This option will show the Background and the Border color in ArtPlacer Red and the text in white. The button's font will match your website's. (See example below)


You can choose the background, text and border color of the widget buttons. 

To choose a color simply enter the HEX color or select it using the color picker. You can also customize the widget buttons through the use of CSS Classes.

Examples of custom buttons:


In addition to text, you can use images for your widget buttons. Use the chosen room image automatically or upload your own.

Multiple Widgets

You can combine multiple widgets and widget types in the same page to personalize user experience.

Different combinations, different options

Add a Sample Room widget, a Client Room widget, an Augmented Reality widget, or all of them. Add  a Room Mockup, a Personal Space, or both!

Customize your website by choosing which widgets you would like to display, how many of them, and add multiple possible scenarios, such as Living Room, Dining Room, or anything you can think of.


The Widget can be set up so that it displays all your artworks or specific collections to your users while they are looking at a specific artwork, in a way that they can switch to other pieces of their interest.

Additionally, you can specify no artworks at all and let them choose any one from your catalog as they open the widget.

Upload artworks and collections on beforehand to your ArtPlacer dashboard.

Artwork in Place

When the Widget window is opened, the artwork is automatically displayed in the space. This option works great when the Widget is embedded on a product page and you want to focus on a single artwork. 

Artwork in Place and Collection Slide Open

The artwork is automatically displayed in the space and a list of additional artworks appears on the right side. This option works wonderfully when the Widget is embedded on a product page and you want to let your potential client try additional artworks from the same collection. 

No Artwork in Place and Collection Slide Open

With this option selected, no artworks will automatically be displayed in the space and a list of artworks will appear on the right side. This option is recommended when the Widget is embedded in a collection page or if you want to showcase a specific collection or collections to your website visitors. 

Other Settings


Your website visitors can select a frame from a preset list of available frames and try them out on the artworks.

Powered by ArtPlacer

The ArtPlacer brand displays at the bottom of the Widget window and can be hidden for all Premium users.


The Widget is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Polish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Dutch and Italian.

If you would like to use a different language, please contact us! 

Artwork resizing 

You can choose to allow your visitors to resize the artwork, or restrict the viewer to move the artwork in the space but don't allow them to change the size of it.