IMPORTANT: WooCommerce is required to be installed if you want to attempt a dynamic implementation.

In this brief tutorial we will cover how to effectively install the ArtPlacer Widgets into your WordPress website.

Initial Considerations

An Advanced or Premium plan trial or active subscription is required in order to allow the implementation to work.
If you don't have one, sign up for a free 7-day trial HERE.

If you are on the Basic plan, you can upgrade your trial or subscription plan from here.

We recommend reading the instructions provided in the Step-by-Step full guide to create your widget before proceeding with the steps described below.

This tutorial is thought for WooCommerce product pages.

If you wish to implement an ArtPlacer Widget on a different (non WooCommerce product page) section of your website please follow these instructions instead.

Installing the ArtPlacer Widget Plug-in on your WordPress Website
(WooCommerce ready websites only)

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.

2. Install the ArtPlacer Widget App from the WordPress plugins store, and activate it.

Your WordPress website Dashboard should look like this after a successful installation:

4. Head back to your ArtPlacer Account Dashboard to create a widget and generate its HTML implementation code. Learn how here.

Adding the Widgets Code on the Widgets Plug in

1. Log back into your WordPress Website Dashboard.

2. On the left menu bar click ArtPlacer

3. Click on Start Creating Widgets

4. Name your new widget(this will not be the button text).

5. Finishing the Widget Configuration set up:

Size Unit:  it is thought to specify the unit to be used for the preview.

Dimensions Standard: thought to set up the order in which dimensions should be displayed.

- Dynamic: thought to pull the Artwork information automatically from WooCommerce product attributes
- Not Specified: thought to pull 1 (single) Artwork information from the ArtPlacer Artworks catalog.

6. Paste the code obtained from the Create Widget section within your ArtPlacer Account Dashboard: It should look similar tothis:

6. Establish the Widget button Position from the drop down options:

NOTE: Mark the product collection (if desired) where Widget buttons are NOT supposed to load:

8. Click on Save Widget.


The widget will pull the units of measurement from your WooCommerce settings. Make sure you select the system of measurement you desire by heading to your WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products

Each products' shipping dimmensions must be specified if you want the ArtPlacer Widget to apply the correct scale and size when rendering the Artworks previews.
To do so, head up to WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > (select a product) > Shipping (see below):