How To Install ArtPlacer Widgets on Your WordPress Website (WooCommerce is required)

Modified on Mon, 06 May 2024 at 11:00 AM

After creating a widget, you are ready to add the code obtained from your ArtPlacer Dashboard to your WordPress website.

This article describes the steps for adding the code of any type of widget to a WordPress/WooCommerce product page only.


Go to our Widget Generator, choose WooCommerce on the Platform/Structure drop down menu. And, follow the steps and instructions on display to obtain the ArtPlacer Widget Code.

Ensure the following plugins/add-ons are installed:

  • WooCommerce: This tool transforms WordPress websites into eCommerce stores. Without it, you won’t be able to add an ArtPlacer widget to your WordPress website. Visit the Plugins section on the WordPress website and search for the WooCommerce plugin, or follow this link to learn how to download it.

  • ArtPlacer Widget: This plug-in allows you to add ArtPlacer’s widget code to your WordPress website. Visit the Plugins section on the WordPress website and search for the ArtPlacer Widget plugin, or follow this link to download it. 

Adding the code (WordPress websites + WooCommerce users):

  1. Once you've obtained the code from the Widget Generator, and installed the ArtPlacer Widgets plug in, head up to your WordPress Dashboard > Right side menu > ArtPlacer > Add.

  2. On the Create Widget page, type a name for the code in the Name field. 

  3. Paste the widget’s button code into the Button Code box. This is the code you obtained from our Widget Generator.

  4. Under Widget Position, select where you want the widget button to appear–for example, above or below the product description. The options may vary according to the theme used on your website.

  5. Under Exclude Collection, check the categories where you don’t want to display the widget button. 

  6. Click Save Widget.

Adding the code (WordPress + WooCommerce + Elementor users):

  1. Following the steps listed above, copy the very same code you should have already pasted in the ArtPlacer Widgets plug in.

  2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and locate the Pages section from the menu list on the right side of your screen. 

  3. Open the Pages list and click Edit with Elementor on the desired Product Page you wish to install the ArtPlacer Widgets.

  4. Once Elementor has fully loaded, from the right side pane options, locate Elements > Shortcode or Shortcode.

  5. Click or drag and drop the Shortcode widget into the content area. 

  6. In Shortcode box, paste the very same code you've pasted inside ArtPlacer Widget plug in (obtained from our Widget Generator).

  7. Click UPDATE.

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